Wheel Alignment

Between 70 and 80 percent of heavy duty
vehicles on the road today are misaligned!

Our trained technicians can perform precision heavy duty truck alignment for your tractor and trailer. Every semi truck alignment comes with the following:

  • Precision computer alignment utilizing Hunter Alignment Equipment
  • Expert analysis by a trained service technician

 alignWhat is Proper Wheel Alignment?
A properly aligned vehicle is one in which all wheels are aimed in the same direction. Some ver y low
tolerance or acceptable error is designed into each vehicle by the manufacturer (see the vehicle
manufacturer specifications).

How Can Wheel Alignment Benefit Your Operation?
The number one and number two operating expenses in over -the-road transportation are fuel and tires respectively. Both are typically perceived as hard to control. Routine wheel alignment is the most effective way to control tire costs and can impact fuel costs as well.

Problems created by misalignment:

  •  Excessive tire wear
  •  Increased fuel consumption caused by increased rolling resistance
  •  Unsafe vehicle handling characteristics
  •  Driver fatigue and driver retention
  •  Premature suspension component wear

Simply making alignment par t of a vehicle or fleet preventive maintenance program allows operators to easily get a handle on this perceived uncontrollable expense.


Tires and Alignment Service for Heavy Duty Trucks